The Harsh Reality of Worshiped Youth

Sustainable Modeling: modeling where age and other stereotypes don’t matter


The career of a model is short lived and usually only lasts until the early 20’s. Has the industry develop this standard or did women drop out of the race when they became older?

My experience so far has been that you get to a certain age where things become more difficult and you have to work harder to be what you were in your 20’s. Staying in shape and being fit takes more effort. Looking healthy is a bigger challenge. I don’t know that many people who will work too hard on the way they look. But I am determined to try. Not only to see if it’s possible, but to see if we can push the industry away from having beauty be determined by youth. Youth is determined by the amount of wrinkles and sun spots you have- not by how beautiful you are. Next week, a local T.V. station will be screening a film series on the harsh realities of youth in the modeling industry.

Can I still have wrinkles and be considered beautiful? Designers have produced some images that have tested this theory. The results have proven that it doesn’t hurt a brand if the image is good enough. I would like to contact some of them directly and see if I can get an interview on the subject. For now…

Everything has to be so perfect in every way and is very oriented towards something unattainable. Celia Peterson of Eco Verse -a sustainability company, says organic and sustainable beauty is something that values signs of life and living, growth, and personality, rather than a synthetic doll. It creates poverty of the whole idea of beauty, and like art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What benefit do we get from someone else telling us what beauty is? Actually, there is no scarcity of beauty in the world, at all. Stylist Tyson Daniels says, “There’s no such thing as an ugly woman- just a lazy one.” Still, recreation and decompression need proper balance, and that’s where the organic part comes into play. Plus, with organic beauty, many of these designers can finally move their marketing campaigns to the next level.


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