Inward Beauty

Many people with ambition for the fashion and modeling industries do not take into account personality and the ability to work well with others. For example, women make up the majority of the Victoria’s Secret customer base, and because of this, their models are chosen based mostly on their appeal to women, not men, so it is important that a Victoria’s Secret model’s attitude appeal to women. Whatever the direction in the fashion and modeling industries, assertiveness, intellect and friendliness go a long way. As a representative of yourself, you must behave in a manner that would not tarnish your image. Without these characteristics, agents, clients, and directors alike, will look elsewhere, regardless of how beautiful or talented you are. Victoria’s Secret Chief Marketing Officer, Edward Razek, puts it bluntly: “We don’t deal with divas.”
For more on how to become a model, see the post on “Model Stereotypes”

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