About IMM

Independent model management is based on the idea that any model- or aspiring one- can represent themselves as effectively- if not more effectively- than a modeling agency. We all operate with our own best interest in mind. The best interest of a modeling agency is to book models- not necessarily you or any specific model- just as long as they represent the model. Because of this, a model can end up competing with other models within their own agency. Model management is really nothing more than sales. Sales are the core of every company. Without sales, a company cannot profit, therefore, cannot exist. In this case, you are the product. As an independent model, you simply need to be a good sales person. With or without an agent, you have to represent yourself at some point- why not just skip the middleman and cut right to the chase? Here we will offer advice, stories, and testimonials, and test the theory that a model can be just as successful, if not more, on her own- and fire her agent!

To take it even further, we will test industry stereotypical standards and follow changes in the “norm”. The modeling industry hasn’t been around long, and it’s standards have changed from the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroes to super tall Claudia Schiffers, and waif thin, heroin-chic Kate Moss types. Let’s explore age limits and height expectations, and see less-metropolitan markets develop models to become super in their own right!


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