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Choosing Your Portfolio Images

Overall Selection:

Use only the best images from the best shoots and DO NOT use ANY of the bad ones. If it’s questionable, leave it out. They will only hurt your marketing. This is a perfect case where less is more. One thing professionals -photographers, models, etc.- sometimes need to omit in marketing themselves is the use of bad images in their portfolio. It doesn’t matter if it’s paid work or a test- if it’s a bad image, it reflects badly on you. Clients only care about what you might do for them and your portfolio is an example of that.

Image selection is typically done by your agent- and critically so. Now that you’re moving on from your agent, it’s important to seriously partake in the selection of your images and be very strategic about it. It can be quite helpful to enlist an honest friend to help with the decision, but you must be able to take the feedback and suggestions with an open mind.

Lunatic Fringe does Wheeler Farm

From Left: Image #1  shows good placement of hands which showcased jewelry, hair, & makeup; Image #2 & 3 show action,  interaction, & movement

Vitality Bikini Body Campaign

From Left: Image #1 shows full body and gives a beach feel; Image #2 is a closeup showing arms and a beach body