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IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A PORTFOLIO book full of images, it would be an efficient use of your resources to target an audience that uses those types of images. If you have commercial images, target a company that distributes clothing catalogs. Beauty headshots can attract cosmetics companies, designers that specialize in swimwear want to see a model’s figure, and so on. Don’t start over if you don’t have to.

IF YOU HAVEN’T STARTED building your book yet, read Sell Yourself to learn the most effective way to build your book from scratch. If you establish your market after you have built your portfolio and the two don’t pair up, you may need to get all new photos taken in order to tailor your look to that market’s brands and services. By building your book first, or tailoring your images to fit your market, you can really maximize your sell-ability.

Let’s say your target market is commercial print and your target brand is White House Black Market. HERE ARE 7 CHARACTERISTICS that make WHBM attractive for someone who fits their mold:

ONE. Through the practice of traditional marketing by way of regularly  mailed catalogs, they produce an almost dead- yet quite effective form of marketing for them and many booking opportunities for you.
TWO. Having a parent company that sells multiple brands allows for more exposure where you can cross-sell to each of those brands.
THREE. The brand’s target audience fits your marketable age range making you a more likely sell. Their customers would easily be able to picture themselves wearing the things you model.
FOUR. An online presence offers more face time.
FIVE. Sharing similar features with their past models makes them more likely to book you.
SIX. Keeping things fresh by continually changing up their models is a favorable circumstance for a new face trying to break into a market. Still, if they hire you, they’re likely to book you more than once.
SEVEN. They frequently release new collections and advertise accordingly, creating, yet again, more opportunities for them to book you.

This example has demonstrated  that the target brand not only understands the value of advertising and is willing to fork out some dough for models, but they shell out several opportunities for one to seal the deal, too. Although not a guaranteed job, you’ve at least done your homework and can FEEL CONFIDENT TAILORING YOUR PORTFOLIO WITH THEM IN MIND.