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Soon will be the day where a model will not be the fantasy of a visually perfect person. I say this as though there is such a thing, but in all actuality, every model has imperfections. Photographically, they have been enhanced. They still look like themselves- just on a really good day, with their best angle, and without the pins and tucks being visible. It’s an illusion, but the message is still “perfection”. 

The Master, a Paul Thomas Anderson movie released in 2012, showed a scene with a roomful of naked women dancing. It was fascinating to me because the women were so imperfect, yet still beautiful. Mad Men shows ideal beauty evolving from the not-so-thin, Marilyn Monroe figure of the 60’s to what it is now- and again, the women in that show are quite pretty. In the 1800’s- Abraham Lincoln’s time- beauty was in the words you spoke. And finally, Nigeria views a woman with gap teeth as beautiful and fertile.



Recently there have been several models with gaps in their teeth, like Victoria’s Secret model, Jess Hart. Because of this recent gap-toothed model trend, there has been a rise in the number of dentist’s patients who prefer a gap, and even ask for it. Although this suggests we’re moving in the right direction and breaking the conventional mold, are we simply producing new requirements? Must we always try to change ourselves to fit the new trend? Can’t a person be beautiful simply because they are healthy?